Corporate Responsibility

A key element of our corporate mission has always been to conduct ourselves in such a way as to support and enhance our community, our country and our world.  As a neighbor, an employer or a supplier, we strive to have a positive influence wherever we leave an impression.  In 2000, Spirit Products Ltd implemented a Corporate Responsibility Program and a Code of Conduct. These established a set of standards both for Spirit Products Ltd and for all of our business partners. We conduct regular meetings with each of our business partners to ensure that they understand and internalize our Corporate Responsibility Program and Code of Conduct. Through regular personal communications and independent third-party audits, we ensure that they are operating under the same high ethical standards that we ourselves maintain, and above all, that they treat their workers with dignity, with high ethical standards, at a proper living wage and in a clean, safe environment.

We are proud that we have been affiliated with the Fair Labor Association since 2000. We join the FLA in promoting and protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions globally. We are also a part of the ESEP-Ethical Supplier Engagement Program which assists us in our auditing process.