Zuma Face Mask with Filter

Model: WR662

Face Mask made of 2 different layers of material. Includes a 1-color imprint. Outer Layer: Poly/Spandex Blend. Inner Layer: Cotton (for comfort). Face Mask has Inside filter pocket that includes (1) PM2.5 5-Layer Filter. Filter lasts 1 week. Washable and reusable. Hand wash face mask in warm soapy water. Protects from droplets, dust and odors. Made in USA.

Note @ Filters: These masks are in line with CDC recommendations for double layer of fabric and are fully functional without the added filter. The filter adds another layer of protection and would be recommended for at risk populations or desired extra protection.

Size: 9” x 6-9/10”

Available colors: navy blue, orange, maroon, black, royal blue.

Disclaimer: Our masks are not intended to be used (1) in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected; (2) in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high; (3) as a respirator or to filter small particles in the air; or (4) as a replacement for conventional and / or approved personal protective equipment, including surgical mask and / or respirators. Spirit Products Ltd makes no warranties or claims, either expressed or implied, that our masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

  • Minimum Order Qty50
  • Color Split25



Navy Blue


Royal Blue