Wellington Embroidered 14" Pet Collar

Model: PE091

Graphic is precisely woven into ribbon. Ribbon is sewn to heavy weight commercial grade webbing. Made in the USA. PE091, PE092, PE093 may be combined on one order of 25 units of each style to meet minimum order quantity.

Available ribbon and embroidery colors: white, bright yellow, natural, pale yellow, silver, beige, warm gray, tan, dark gray, brown, charcoal, gold, black, forest green, purple, green, violet, bright green, maroon, teal, cardinal, olive green, red, lime green, warm red, mint, pink, aqua blue, lavender, slate blue, soft pink, baby blue, light peach, sky blue, orange, Copen blue, Texas orange, Pacific blue, yellow, royal blue, athletic gold, navy blue

Available webbing colors: black, navy blue, royal blue, burgundy, green, forest green, purple, red, yellow

  • Minimum Order Qty50
  • Color Split25
Wellington Embroidered 14

Wellington Embroidered 14