L’il Sucker®

Model: SB089

The L’il Sucker® Original fits beverage cans, bottles, and other tumblers up to 30 oz. with up to a 3” diameter. The patented L’il Sucker® keeps your drink still and secure in a world full of motion. Whether you are blasting down the river in a center console boat, riding trails on your ATV, or even experiencing a bit of turbulence on an airplane commute, L’il Sucker® keeps your drink firmly planted where you set it down. Just slide it onto your drink from the bottom up, hit the lip to take a sip. When you set your drink down the neoprene sucker will keep it suctioned down on any non-porous surface. Never Spill a Sip!

Product Colors: Most Non-Metallic Colors Available

  • Minimum Order Qty48
  • Color Split48