JL444 - Chavez for Charity Bracelets

Launched in early 2013, Chavez for Charity is a collection of colorful bracelets designed by Julie Marie Chavez, founder and Creative Director of the fashion jewelry line Marie Chavez.

Through the sale of a colorful assortment of bracelets, CFC's mission is to raise money and awareness for some of today's most important and necessary charitable initiatives like providing access to clean water and sanitation and helping to end violence against women and girls. Each color group represents a specific cause and CFC donates 25% of the gross profit from the sale of a specific colored bracelet to its corresponding cause.

Each color story of bracelets is created by using a variety of stones, beads, charms, turquoise, onyx, amethyst, jade, agate, wood, Czech glass, bronze, brass, silver, pewter & vermeil to create unique bracelets.

Bracelet Color Groupings*: Green, Gold, Yellow, Red, Multi-color, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Earth Tone.

Please specify what color groupings you would like or if you would like an assortment of several or of all 10 color stories.  *Please be aware that within each color grouping bracelets will vary in the shade of the color.

  • Model: JL444

  • This product is sold in multiples of 5 with a minimum order of 100 pieces required for this product.

  • Please contact Spirit Products at 1-888-280-5200 for pricing information.